Going High-Tech to Free up time for Security Firm’s Staff

Senior Operations Manager Mr Eric Goh and Operations Manager Mr Mike Tan – Interviewed by The Straits Times on Going High-Tech to Free up time for Security Firm’s Staff

REF: https://www.straitstimes.com/tech/going-high-tech-frees-up-time-for-security-firms-staff

The digital transformation of local security service firm FormTeam Consultancy started with the roll-out of a mobile reporting, maintenance tracking and Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring tool for security guards.

With this system, implemented early last year, FormTeam no longer has to send its five operation executives to the 27 condominiums and malls managed by it to take the attendance of security guards, or collect site incident reports on property damage or theft.

Attendance is taken via mobile phone, and incident reports with photos can be uploaded through an app to FormTeam’s headquarters.

The operation executives can then focus on helping building management solve incidents, for instance, through surveillance footage.

“We can help our clients address their problems more promptly by freeing up our operation executives’ time from meaningless tasks,” said FormTeam director Tim Ho.

GPS trackers on security guards also ensure that their patrol routes are uploaded to FormTeam’s headquarters without the need for them to file any paperwork.

“We obtained a 50 per cent subsidy for the technology purchase from the Government,” Mr Ho said.

“If not for the subsidy, we would not have automated so many processes and would still be relying on filing paper reports and faxes.”